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Year 2 Page

Year 2 Space Writing

Year 2 have thoroughly enjoyed their topic of Space over the last term.  We enjoyed reading a set of books by Simon Batram which were all about Bob, the man on the moon.

A mysterious pod appeared in our classroom too.  We wondered whether it could be an alien egg but there’s no such thing as aliens….is there?

We looked at the planets too and created a mnemonic to help us to remember their names.

Tim Peake, a British astronaut, was someone we researched. Our day at the Openzone in October allowed us to create mini news reports all about Tim Peake.

The children all really embraced our half term Space project and they brought in all manner of amazing pieces of art work and writing.  Our teachers were thrilled with everyone’s hard work.

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On Tuesday, Year two had a visit from a firefighter.  She reminded us about how dangerous fire can be and we discussed household objects which could cause a fire.  The most exciting part was when some children were able to dress up as a firefighter.  The boots were really heavy.  The children also watched a short video showing us what to do if there is a fire in our homes.  We were fascinated.