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Year 2 Page

The Word

Class 3 and Class 4 enjoyed a technology filled day at The Word at the beginning of our new term.  We enjoyed a range of activities including creating our very own 3D vehicle.  Some of our models are being printed out on The Word’s very special 3D printer so soon we will see what our computer design looks like in real life.

We were also very creative designing our own game.  The game involved creating a game to catch the point scoring objects.  We created a space themed game to link to our topic.

We were very excited to use the ‘Green Screen Room’ at The Word.  Mr Robert filmed us speaking into the camera and then added some scenes to the background.  We were excellent actors and executed our lines confidently.  It was great fun watching the final version of the documentary at the end of the session.

We enjoyed a tour of the space exhibition at The Word.  We were delighted when we spotted a photograph of Tim Peake.  It was also fun to pretend to be an astronaut.

To end the day we were allowed to use ‘Sphero mini robotic balls’ which were operated using an Ipad.  They were great fun!  They might be an expensive addition to Christmas lists!!!!

The best part of the day, as on every school trip, was lunch time!  We were ravenous!

Class 4 Science

World Book Day 2019

Today East Boldon Infant School celebrated World Book Day.  The day was made all the more exciting as we had very special guest.  His name was Ian Bland and he is a published poet.  We joined in some of his performance poems in a special assembly.  Throughout the day Ian worked with each year group.  In class we produced some performance poems.  They were really fun to write.  Ian also judged our ‘Book Boxes.’  The standard was very high.  We had everything from  a Peter Rabbit book box to Owl Babies.  We really enjoyed looking at what our friends had produced and talking about the books that inspired them.  World Book Day was well worth the wait.



SafetyWorks Newcastle

On Thursday 31st January Class 4 visited SafetyWorks in Newcastle.  We were divided into three groups.

We were lucky enough to work with a member of St John’s Ambulance who told us about the risks we run when we don’t follow our grown- ups rules.  We looked at how to keep safe near Metros.  We found out what to do if we hurt ourselves.

We also met a lady from ‘Blue Cross For Pets’.  She showed us how to be safe around dogs that we know as well as those that we do not know.

We met a member of the police and she talked about the job that she does and we learned all about the 5 emergency services and how to get in touch with them.

We also watched a video called ‘Frances the Firefly’ where we found out about the dangers of fire.  We practised how to ‘Stop.  Drop and Roll.’

It was a great morning and we learned lots of very important messages about how to stay safe.

RNLI Visit

On Monday 4th February we were visited by two volunteers from the RNLI.  They talked to us about how to stay safe when we visit the beach.  We talked about what dangers we may face and how we can reduce the risk to our safety.  We looked at the uniforms the Life guards wear and how we can identify them on the beach.  The lifeguards spoke to us all about water safety and we enjoyed playing a game where we had to pretend to be sharks, rocks and a huge wave!

Class 4 Parent Workshop

On Wednesday 30th January Class 4 had a workshop in school.  It was an opportunity for us to work collaboratively with a member of our family.  We enjoyed sharing with you some of the activities we do in school to help us improve our Phonics, English and Mathematics skills.  It was a great morning.

Class 3 Parent Workshop

Class 3’s Parent Workshop was a huge success.  It was lovely to see so many parents/carers attend and work alongside their child on some short tasks

Visit To The Oriental Museum

On Wednesday the 23rd Year 2 visited the Oriental Museum in Durham.  They had a great day discovering the museum, building clay warriors and experiencing artefacts.  This complemented their curriculum work on China and contrasting countries.


Over the half term holidays classes 3 and 4 were hard at work creating projects all about space.

Mrs Munslow and Mrs O’Donnell were super impressed by the hard work and creativity that went into these.

Here are some of them.

Year 2 Visit to the Open Zone @ The Word

On Wednesday 14th November and Monday 19th November class 3 and class 4 ventured out of school for a visit to the Open Zone. The used a program called “Stikbot” to make an animation about “The Gunpowder Plot” using stick puppets made in school. They also used the Green Screen to imaging they were news reporters presenting facts they had previously researched. Many new skills were mastered including joining pictures together and adding sounds.

A huge thanks to the Staff at the Open Zone for making this possible.

Boldon School Sports Afternoon

On Wednesday 31st October, Y2 had a very exciting afternoon at Boldon School.  Mrs Legg had arranged for some of her Sports Leaders to plan and deliver six different sports activities. These included volley ball (– with a very large ball!), obstacle courses, egg and spoon challenges and other team games.

The children all had an amazing time and left feeling very happy and maybe a little tired too!

Thanks to all involved.

Science Day

On Monday 8th October, Y2 had a very exciting science day.  Two members of staff from the Centre of Life came to our school to work with us.  We used a ‘dark box’ with a small hole in the top and we placed different objects in the box. We tried to see what the object was both with and without a torch. It helped us discover that light is essential for seeing things.

We also investigated which materials are opaque, transparent and translucent.  We shined a torch through different materials to see if they would let the light through.

We really enjoyed creating shadows using a ‘shadow box’.

In the afternoon we were amazed when we went into the pop up planetarium.  It was so exciting to see the different stars and planets projected onto the dome.

What a day! We had such fun!

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Paddington Writing!

Year 2 wrote stories about Paddington and the adventures he could go on!

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