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Year 1 Page

VE Day

The children had lots of fun celebrating VE Day at home and learning about the importance of the day. Here are some photos of our celebrations.


VE DAY Video – https://drive.google.com/file/d/1kyKyNNl9H9WJfE-dXteSDzgWAblBhuHU/view?usp=sharing


Dragons were seen around East Boldon. The children designed dragons and dragon traps. Some even made dragon eggs!

Year One Superstars

All the children and families in Year One are working so hard together at home.  Here are some examples of what they have been up to…

Safer Internet Day

We talked about how to stay safe online, We looked at Smartie the Penguin and helped him solve problems. We know you should always tell a grown up if you see something online and don’t know what it is. We made posters to tell everyone how to stay safe.



We have been learning about algorithms in Year 1. We have been programming Blue bot to get to different places on the maps.



Lifeguards from the RNLI came into school to teach us about keeping safe in and around water. We had great fun and practiced making a star shape to help us float.

Picture2 Picture3

Cold Colours

We have been learning about the Antarctic and what it would be like to go there. In Art we have made cool colour pictures. We thought about how the colours made us feel and what they made us think about.

Picture4 Picture5


Pumpkin Soup

Year 1 have been looking at instructions. We made delicious pumpkin soup and then wrote instructions.



Steve from Boldon tennis Club has been teaching us tennis skills. We had lots of fun!

Picture2 Picture3


Year 1 have had a great start to the year. We have been working on writing super sentences with a capital letter, finger space and full stop.

In Maths we have been practicing ordering and writing numbers to 20, making sure they are the right way around.

Picture1 Picture2 Picture3


We have been making teen numbers. We used numicon  to make them and then talked about what each digit means.  We could say how many ten and how many ones were in each number.

Picture4 Picture5

Making Colours

We enjoyed mixing colours in Art. We had to try and make different colours using red, blue and yellow paint.