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Year 1 Page

Christmas 2021


This half term,  as part of our Geography we have been learning all about Antarctica (very appropriate in this weather!)  The children used globes to locate the equator and the polar regions.  We discussed the climate in these areas in relation to their distance from the equator.  Both classes have been very interested in finding out about the different wildlife that lives in polar regions and why an Emperor penguin definitely could not live at the North Pole!


The children in Year One have been working extremely hard with their phonics this term.  Just look at all the different sounds we have been learning!  Each day we practice reading and writing words with our new phonemes in.  Well done Year One…fantastic work!



In Maths, we have been looking at calculations and solving addition and subtraction number sentences using number lines and different classroom apparatus.  The children had a great time playing skittles and hoopla to generate their own number sentences.


Black History Month

As part of our whole school focus on Black History Month in October, the children in Year One were extremely interested to learn about Rosa Parks and how significant her actions were to our lives today.  We created our own “bus” with our own segregated rules – only children with brown hair were allowed a seat if the bus was full – the others had to give up their seats at the back and stand!  As a class, we discussed just how unfair this was, then the children discovered more about Rosa Parks’ life and the events leading to the bus boycott.  We illustrated our understanding of the event.