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School Sport and Activities

Mission Statement for Physical Education

At East Boldon Infant School we aim to enable all children to develop the foundations for a healthy lifestyle by encouraging a lifelong enjoyment of physical activity.

This is based on physical activities that take place in a caring, supportive and inclusive environment where each child is both challenged and successful. It is our belief that physical education provides opportunities for on-going development for each individual’s physical, mental, social and emotional capabilities, all of which promote a healthy lifestyle. As a staff, we strive to establish a healthy and active school environment which will increase activity levels and promote health within and outside the curriculum.

Physical Education in school

We follow the REAL PE scheme in school to support our PE lessons in school. Alongside this we have specialist coaches for Gymnastics and Dance who come into school and work with the children to develop specific skills. Staff work closely alongside these coaches to support their own teaching of the skills.