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School Sport

Mission Statement for Physical Education

At East Boldon Infant School we aim to enable all children to develop the foundations for a healthy lifestyle by encouraging a lifelong enjoyment of physical activity.

This is based on physical activities that take place in a caring, supportive and inclusive environment where each child is both challenged and successful. It is our belief that physical education provides opportunities for on-going development for each individual’s physical, mental, social and emotional capabilities, all of which promote a healthy lifestyle. As a staff, we strive to establish a healthy and active school environment which will increase activity levels and promote health within and outside the curriculum.

Timetabled Physical Education

Children in Reception have 1 hour of timetabled PE per week in addition to planned indoor and outdoor activities that provide opportunities for physical development. All children in Key Stage 1 receive 2 hours and these lessons take place both inside and outdoors, weather permitting. In addition, the children also take place in a range of competitions and festivals, both within the school and alongside other schools.