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Reception Page

Settling into our New School.

Reception children have settled very well into their new school. They have enjoyed exploring their new surroundings and learning new things. ¬†Here are some photographs of the activities they have enjoyed so far…

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Chinese New Year

Reception had a fun time learning about Chinese New Year.  They recreated a dragon dance in our school hall accompanied by traditional music.

Easter Family Fun In Reception

Hall Hill Farm

Reception children had a great day learning about all of the animals at Hall Hill Farm. The weather was beautiful too!

First we enjoyed stroking the rabbits and guinea pigs. Then we saw the pig and her 12 cute piglets. We learnt all about the Highland calves who were just one year old.

We also got the chance to hold fluffy chicks and feed lots of other hungry animals.

Finally we enjoyed a very bumpy tractor ride!!!

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Science Week 2017

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