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Reception Page

Hall Hill Farm

Despite the weather Reception had a fun filled day at Hall Hill Farm.  We enjoyed feeding the lambs, holding the chicks, rabbits and guinea pigs and we enjoyed going on a tractor ride.  It was a great end to our new life topic.

MiniBeasts Hunt

Reception have enjoyed going on a minibeast hunt.  Our learning challenge question this week was ‘Are all minibeasts scary?’  We have enjoyed finding out all about different minibeasts and have wrote our own facts.  We have also had a special delivery – real caterpillars!  We are so excited to watch how our caterpillars develop and change.



Puppet Pals!

Palm Sunday

We have enjoyed using role play to retell, Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem for the start of Holy Week.  We made leaves to wave and put down our coats to welcome Jesus.  We shouted Hosanna here comes the King and sang a song called ‘Cloaks and Branches.”

Reception’s GingerBread Men Have Escaped!

The mystery has been solved!  Our Gingerbread men have returned!

Reception have been so excited throughout our Gingerbread Men topic.  We have had great fun making and decorating gingerbread men, making wanted posters to find the missing gingerbread men and writing super letters to the fox asking him to bring them back.  We were delighted when the fox returned them and wrote him some thank you letters too!

World Book Day 2019

Toys From The Past And Present

Reception have enjoyed looking at toys from the past and comparing old and new toys.  We have looked at Mrs Totton’s teddy bear from when she was younger and Mrs Eggerton’s mother’s teddy bear.  We compared them to the soft toys we have today.

We enjoyed sorting toys into old and new.

Reception were so excited to see how Santa had been flying over our school yard at the weekend on his annual test flight.  Santa was flying so fast that he dropped some presents from the sleigh!  The children have worked hard in maths working out how many presents were missing by finding number bonds to 10.

They have also been looking for Santa clues on the yard.  We even found some of Rudolph’s carrot and some wrapping paper from the presents!

Class six have had a wonderful festive afternoon at West Boldon Lodge.  We enjoyed a forest walk, camp fire and Christmas songs.  We also made a tree decoration and enjoyed some tasty hot chocolate.  We visited Santa in his grotto and he looked in his special book to see if we were all on the nice list – Of course we all are as we always work so hard and follow our golden rules.


West Boldon Lodge

We had a magical afternoon!


This week Class five and class six have had a special delivery from The North Pole.  Santa has sent Eddie the elf to Class 5 and Christopher Pop-in-kins to class 6.  The Kindness Elves are so excited to have new friends.  We can’t wait to see what our elves get up to!


Class five and Class six had great fun at our Spooky disco.  We enjoyed playing different games and had a spooky cake and a drink.  Everyone looked fantastic!


Class five and six have been so excited at the arrival of The Kindness Elves.  The elves have arrived from Cloud Nine in the sky.  They are living in our classrooms looking for acts of kindness from the children.  If the children are observed being kind and helpful to each other then they become part of the elves kindness team and get to war a special badge for the day.  We also have a kindness jar and pebbles are placed in the jar when the children are kind, caring and helpful.

The elves often leave the children golden envelopes with personal notes praising them for their acts of kindness to others.  We also receive kindness challenges from the elves.  This week our kindness challenge is to remember to always say please and thank you.

We are all so excited to have the elves in our class and have enjoyed writing them notes and drawing them pictures too.


Reception have settled in well and are enjoying exploring the different reception areas of the classroom and outdoors.

On entering the classroom every morning, the children write their name in their ‘signing in book.’  The children are all becoming more confident now with writing their name.

We have practised counting objects reliably and can match the number of objects in a set to the correct numeral.

We have also practised careful counting and have enjoyed playing games on the interactive board and class computers.

After lunch the children enjoy taking part in ‘dough disco’.  This is a fun activity which combines the use of play dough with a series of hand and finger exercises designed to develop and improve fine motor skills.  It is great fun!

We have been having daily phonics session where the children are learning their letter sounds.  They are becoming confident at hearing initial sounds in words and have enjoyed sorting objects by their initial sounds.

In P.E. sessions we have been practising moving our bodies in different ways and practising how to jump correctly and balance on one leg.