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Reception Page

Valentines 2022

Christmas 2021


Reception have enjoyed a fun filled autumn term.  We have enjoyed settling into school, exploring our new environment and making lots of new friends.  We have made so many memories in such a short space of time and can’t wait to make more!


We have had great fun being scientists this week.  We were asked by The Three Little Pigs to rebuild the roof on their house after the Big Bad Wolf blew it off!  We predicted which material we thought would be the strongest and weakest then tested the different materials by trying to blow the roof off!

IMG_2993 IMG_2984 IMG_2982 IMG_2980 IMG_2977

Subject Revolution

Reception had great fun when Subject Revolution came into school this week.  Our hall was transformed into Crow Castle.  We found out that there was a dragon in our school yard and we were given the challenge to find the spell to make the dragon vanish!  We had to use our phonic knowledge to make words that then helped us to unlock treasure chests.  Inside the chests we found words to put together to make the special spell.  We had great fun working together and managed to put the words together to make a spell.  We shouted out our spell and watched the dragon disappear!

IMG_2971 IMG_2970 IMG_2975

Christmas Maths

Reception were really excited to see that Santa had been flying over our school.  We watched a video of Santa flying in our school yard.  He dropped some of his presents and asked us to work out how many he had dropped.  We did this in our maths lesson.  We also looked for clues outside to see if we could find any of the missing presents.

Christmas Show

Reception and Year 1 enjoyed a festive performance called The Clumsiest Christmas elf today.


Kindness Elves

Reception are so excited to receive a delivery from Cloud 9!  Our kindness elves have arrived and are looking for acts of kindness across school.  Class six have welcomed elves Twinkle and Pop and Class 5 welcome Sparkle and Pop.  The children are excited to be part of the reception kindness team.

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