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PTA Committee

PTA Committee (also known as Trustees)

The PTA Committee are responsible for running the PTA.   We have a responsibility to ensure that there is a culture of openness and transparency in the way that money is raised, spent and distributed and that this is all accounted for properly.

If anyone would like to share any ideas for fundraising, or know more about what we do please feel free to approach any one of us.  We’d love to chat with you.


Chair: Helen Elliott

Helen Elliott

I thoroughly enjoy being part of our PTA having been involved for a number of years before becoming Chair in Autumn 2016.    I love that we have tried and tested fundraising ventures such as our famous tombola stalls and that we’re always trying out new ideas too.  I’m very much involved in helping organise our events and there’s never a dull moment. I’ve made great friendships through the PTA and we have great fun, whether doing a mad trolley dash for picnic supplies, crawling round the school hall floor ticketing up tombola prizes or putting on a fabulous disco where the children get dressed in their best party clothes and thoroughly enjoy themselves. I enjoy every single event and look forward to finding out how much we’ve raised at each one to benefit our fabulous schools.


Vice Chair: Kerstein Morgan

Kerstein Morgan

I have 3 children, my eldest is in the Juniors, middle one in the Infants and my youngest has just started nursery in September. I have always tried to do little bits here and there to help the PTA as I know how valuable the funds raised are to our schools. In September 2016 I attended my first meeting and much to my surprise came out as Vice Chair. The PTA is a fantastic way of putting a little back into our schools and having fun doing it along the way.


Treasurer: Danielle Kirkbride

Danielle Kirkbride

I have 3 sons, Finley is a pupil at the Junior School, Quinn is at the Infants and Shay who is 18 months. I’ve been connected to the PTA for 5 years now and became Treasurer in Autumn 2015.

As well as helping organise events and activities I do a lot behind the scenes with regards to the finances such as organising floats and banking the proceeds of our fundraising.
I love being a part of the PTA, feeling like I’ve helped contribute to raising money for the schools to help all of our children. I’ve met some fabulous people and made some great new friends as well as having fun at the various events.


Secretary: Sue Burton

Sue Burton

I currently have 1 son, Daniel, in the Junior School and my oldest son, Matthew, who now attends Whitburn.  I have been part of the PTA since Matthew started Nursery in 2008.  I initially started out helping at events as I wanted to give something back to the schools by helping to raise much needed funds. I became Secretary of the PTA in 2013.  In my role as Co-Secretary I organise the PTA meetings, create and arrange for the PTA letters to go out on Parentmail etc.  I am usually involved in organising most of the events and assist at them.

I really enjoy being part of the PTA.  I have made new friends, had lots of fun and had many laughs whilst working with a great committed team.


Trustee: Nicola Dawson

nicola dawson

I moved to East Boldon in 2007 when my eldest was 9 months old and have since had 3 more children who are aged 6, 3 and 2.  I feel fortunate to be part of a close knit community and to be blessed with such good local schools.  I joined the PTA in order to help our great schools raise vital capital which provide excellent resources for our children going through the school system.  Our events are always lots of fun and very rewarding, and our PTA team are great asset to the cause.


Trustee: Claire Wipat

Claire Wipat

I’ve been involved with the PTA for the last 7 years. I stepped down as chair in October 2016 and previous to that I was co secretary. My son is now at Whitburn but I have a daughter at the Junior School, in year 6.  I work 4 days a week in clinical research for the NHS.

I really enjoy being part of the PTA, it has been great to get involved with fundraising. I’ve made some great friends and what I don’t know about running a tombola just isn’t worth knowing!


Trustee: Lindsey Rennie

Lindsay Rennie

I have been a member of the PTA since 2014 when my daughter started the Infant school, we’d recently moved to East Boldon and I was keen to become part of the community and my children’s school lives, so I joined! My daughter is now in Year 2 and my son is in Reception. Being a full time working mum, I love how flexible the PTA is and that no matter how small the amount of time I can offer is, it helps to make a difference and the PTA is always very grateful.