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The Governing Board of East Boldon Infant School works with the Head Teacher to promote and maintain high standards of educational achievement. The core functions of the Governing Board are:

  • Ensuring clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction;
  • Holding the Head Teacher to account for the educational performance of the school and its pupils, and the performance of staff and;
  • Overseeing the financial performance of the school, and making sure its money is well spent.


Key issues that have faced the Governing Board during 2016-17

The overall aim of the governing body is to assist the school in ensuring that the outstanding education the school provides is sustained and developed, through monitoring the clear priorities for improvement as outlined in the School Improvement Plan. This involves providing a strategic view, acting as a critical friend and ensuring accountability.

Priorities during 2016-17 have included:

  • Embedding key assessment procedures and ensuring consistency.
  • Review of policies in line with the new national curriculum guidance
  • Monitoring and analysing end of Early Years Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1 assessment data, ensuring good outcomes for all pupils, including disadvantaged. Analysis school performance against local and national performance indicators, to ensure significantly high performance has been maintained (school data and RAISEonline data)
  • Budget monitoring.
  • Due to the formula funding the school finds itself in an increasingly difficult position due to the constraints of the budget. The school has one of the lowest funding allocations per child in the local authority, despite being full and having no surplus places. The school is operating at its maximum staffing capacity and when bench marked against similar schools locally and nationally the school employs fewer support staff. These inequalities in the formula funding are impacting negatively on the budget. In addition the school has a very low number of pupils who qualify for Pupil Premium Funding.
  • When setting and monitoring the budget, the governors continually make cut backs on spending and resources. Governors are finding this challenge of providing a high level of provision of resources and maintenance of the building increasingly difficult due to the constraints of the budget.
  • School did apply to the schools forum last year and received £25,000. This money was spent on improving ICT within the school – purchasing much needed IPads for the children to access. It also allowed the whole school to be painted, new classroom tables and chairs to be purchased and new blinds to be fitted in each classroom.
  • Clarifying key roles and responsibilities with the governing board
  • Ensuring school website provides information which meets statutory requirements.
  • Staffing
  • Temporary Teaching Assistant and Casual Teaching Assistant in place to assist with the increasing numbers of children with specific needs in school.


Assessment of the impact of the Governing Board on the school during 2016-17

The governors in their role as ‘critical friend’ support and challenge the school, through careful monitoring of priorities for improvement. Impact is evidenced through:

  • Termly reports from headteacher on progress and performance of the school
  • Analysis of school data, Raiseonline and Data Dashboard to monitor progress and achievement of pupils, to ensure high standards are maintained
  • Ensuring policies and procedures are in place and adhered to, including child protection, safeguarding and safer recruitment
  • Careful monitoring of budget, including 3 year forecast and benchmarking with similar schools locally and nationally to ensure best value
  • Performance management

Monitoring the implementation of the curriculum and standards through visits and liaison with subject leaders.


Composition of the Governing Board

  • 3 parent governors
  • 1 head teacher
  • 1 staff governor
  • 1 local authority governor
  • 6 co-opted governors


Committees of the Governing Board

Staffing Committee

Pay Review Committee

Appeals Committee

Disciplinary Committee

Complaints Committee

Finance Committee


Chair of Governors

Mr M Hamilton


Vice Chair of Governors

Mrs P Imrie